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Men's Sheds Ontario is an Association of Men's Sheds in the province of Ontario.

Men's Sheds Ontario formation meetings began in early 2022 to answer the need for a provincial voice for Men's Sheds in Ontario.

It's still early days for MSO. But, we have figured out who we want to be and, just as importantly, who we don't want to be or do.

With representatives from over 70% of sheds in Ontario the MSO is a small organization run by volunteers. There is no empire building here, with no paid employees and alas no money to operate… but you can help with that.

Men's Shed Ontario (MSO) Operations Team

in no particular order:
John Peters, Coordinator

Naismith - Almonte Shed, 5 years in Shedding

John Peters, a retired United Church minister and member of the Naismith Men's Shed in Almonte and is the coordinator of the MSO founding group as well as being a founding director of the Canadian Men's Shed Association

Ray Kamm, Treasurer

Hackberry Men's Shed, Carleton Place, Ontario
7 Years in Shedding
Founding member of the one of the first Ontario’s Men’s Shed.

Finance Officer: (over 40 years in finance, including 18 years in healthcare / charitable environment)

Received an award from the National Payroll Institute, and act as Subject Matter Expert for them.

Doug Johnson

Hackberry Men's Shed , Carleton Place, 5 years in Shedding

Kevin Ford, WebMaster

Mens Shed Ottawa-Centre, Ottawa Makers Shed,

Serial Entrepreneur, PEng, Mech Eng, MSc in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, one of the Founding Members and WebMaster for Men's Shed Ottawa-Centre, On the Board of Directors for Men's Sheds Canada, WebMaster for Men's Sheds Ontario, Coordinator for the formation of Ottawa's second Mens Shed, focussed on WorkShop Training and Skills Development. Operates a Prototypig Shop for electronics, computers, wood working, metal working, CNC, plastic molding.

Nick Fry, Outreach Coordinator

Men's Shed, Almonte, 6 years in Shedding

This space is reserved for you.

This is a Provincial Association so we have reserved space for representation from the far corners of the Province. Zoom makes it work.

Inreach Coordinator

Open Position

Program Coordinator

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Media Coordinator

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Funding Coordinator

Open Position

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