Why a Provincial Association of Mens Sheds?

Men's Sheds Ontario (MSO) is a collection of Men's Sheds within the province who regularly network for mutual support and sharing of ideas.


Our Mission

The Mission of Men's Sheds Ontario is to support existing Men's Sheds in Ontario and help establish Sheds in additional communities.

MSO will not have any direct control over, or responsibility for, any individual Shed.

Our Objectives

1) To represent the interests of Men's Sheds in Ontario (MSO) to provincial bodies;
2) To support established Sheds within the province & build a network among them;
3) To provide support and resources for emerging Sheds in Ontario;
4) To maintain a provincial registry of established and emerging sheds;
5) To raise public awareness of the social, physical and emotional health benefits of Men's Sheds;
6) To provide benefits to member Sheds such as discounted group liability insurance rates;
7) To develop strategic alliances with key organizations in the province;
8) To host Provincial Conferences (in person or virtual) as needed/wanted.

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Services Offered

The Men's Shed movement is a bottom-up organization by design, where all the power resides at the Shed level.

Sheds decide if they want to be involved with the Provincial or Federal Shedding organizations and how much they want to be involved.

Men's Sheds Ontario is an association of independent sheds to serve the common good of all Sheds in Ontario.

We offer guidance and encouragement for sheds forming.

We direct candidate members to sheds in their area.

We strive to offer bulk purchases like Group Liability Insurance, should a Shed choose to participate.

We encourage the interaction between sheds.

We offer a voice for all Sheds in the Province.

Our provincial association of Sheds is all about supporting a local Shed's undergirding mission; the mandate, raison d'etre for Men's Sheds, is to enhance the health and well-being of men. This includes physical, mental, emotional and social well-being. As such it is, in part, a health initiative. It fulfils this mission by providing peer support, a place to call home away from home, a range of fun group activities to enjoy life, the opportunity to work on projects that improve the community and a sense of accomplishment when the project is complete.

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